The ABCs of Investment Banking

An inside look at Investment Banking. For Children.

Get started early

Its never too early to start pulling all nighters in the hopes of earning your first year end bonus!

For Parents and qualified babies

Children and parents alike will love following Managing Director Monkey and Associate Alligator as they navigate deals and their deal team.

Meet your Deal Team

CEO Cheetah and CFO Caterpillar are the customers paying big bucks to the investment bank and demand results. Managing Director Monkey calls the shots when it comes to the deal team. See how Associate Alligator and Analyst Armadillo navigate these choppy waters.

Whats inside

A hilarious look at the world of investment banking through the eyes of a baby,… by former bankers

Inside Jokes! 27 full color pages of illustrations featuring the full deal team –

Walk the life of an Investment Banker, get the inside secrets.

But… be careful! Be sure to observe the regulations!

Dont worry! The perks of the job easily make up for it! Extra Egg Roll please!

Start Preparing Now


Is this an actual book?
Yes. Check it out on Amazon!
Will my baby enjoy this book?
Yes! Kids and parents alike love this book – its a great introduction to business for babies and a great gift for adults.
Is this content kid-safe?
Of course! Were parents as well. We focus on creating funny and educational content for parents and kids.
Will my baby become a successful banker as a result of this book?
Nothing is for certain, however, he or she will have a nice head start!
Will you guarantee my child a job in Investment Banking?

Yes, but only if Managing Director Monkey likes them.

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About Us

We love our jobs, and we love making children (and adults!) laugh – so we figured why not combine the two?

Amit Saraf

has had many challenging jobs, including as an investment banker, a techie, and the toughest of all, as a father of 5 year old twins. He has tried to explain his professional work many times to his wife and kids, but they generally did not understand nor seem to care much. So when he saw the first draft of the ABCs of Consulting, which was easy to understand and interesting, he had renewed hope! He teamed up with Varun and Raamin, and more books were launched! He completed an MBA from Kellogg, where he could have really used these books for guidance.

Varun Bhartia

always wanted to become an Investment Banker, but never quite made it. Thanks to the financial crisis he stuck with tech. However he has a ton of Banker friends and loves making fun of them (when he sees them). This book is dedicated to them, and their future kids. Varun is the founder of a technology start up, Hack Hive. He enjoys making terrible jokes and creating websites, like this one ;). He completed his MBA at Harvard, Bachelors of Engineering from Arizona, but learned the most by building products used by millions of people.

Raamin Mostaghimi

is a management consultant, lover of dad jokes, and new father. While he achieved his goal of explaining his own job to his newborn daughter with The ABCs of Consulting, he realized there was a whole world of other professions out there to make fun of – so why stop at just one! He has an MBA from Harvard and Bachelors from Johns Hopkins.

Got an Idea?

Were always working on new stuff! How can we make this book better? What did you like about it? We love to hear from our customers!